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Gas and Oil Rig Art Print Gallery

Welcome to The Pencilneck's ® Oil Rig Art Prints Gallery!

From the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico, Owen Garratt's oilfield pencil drawings are a smash hit due to his relentless research and authentic depictions of the gas and oil industries.lookey-here.png

They're the perfect oil patch gift...and let's not forget about golf prizes!



tb-gas-oil-rig-art-pencil-drawing-Bagged Bagged

"I came across an interesting statistic a while back: In this country nearly half of the millionaires are either immigrants or..."


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tb-gas-oil-rig-art-pencil-drawing-Running-InRunning In

"As I'm sure you've noticed, the whole world has somehow filled to bursting with people who're lazy, who get..." 


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"We've had an insurrection.  The Groovy Framing Elves ™ have threatened to come after me with pitchfork and torch..."


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"We're all too dashed fat. In this push button world everyone's worn out and fatigued, but it's all mental..." 


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"While researching this series over the past few years, it's been interesting to note the obvious changes in..."  


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"I've always marvelled at how some dudes seem to be able to work together to fix things. Before we..."  



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"It's pretty interesting that the demand for work in the oil patch overlapped the changes that made ranching..."   


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"Some people learn best by watching, some people learn better by listening. However, true learning doesn't..."  


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gas-oil-rig-art-pencil-drawing-ExertionExertion oilfield-art-soldout-text.png

"I'm afraid we're not the men our grandfathers were. Sure, we may put in the long hours, but very few of us ever really do any long term ..." oilfield-art-sold-out-fig.png

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